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German Book Office (GBO) New Delhi, which began its operations in 2008, is a joint venture between the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.
As such it has a dual mandate of promoting the commercial activities of Frankfurt Book Fair in the South Asian region along with the cultural aspect of promoting the exchange of German and Indian (including neighboring countries) literature between the two regions. We work with partner across the board, some of which include publishing firms, publishing serve providers, government agencies, cultural institutions, book fairs, international agencies and educational institutes. We also work with individuals in various capacities such as translators, authors, editors and illustrators.

The German Book office is funded by the Federal Foreign Office

Our services:

In balancing both culture and commerce, we have set out clear aims to achieve both.

  • Participating in book fairs in the region and promoting German Books
  • Participating in book fairs outside the region and promoting Indian (and regional) books
  • Recommending German Books to publishers and promoting rights & license sales
  • Facilitating contacts
  • Facilitating translations
  • Organizing professional contact trips and exchange programmes
  • Organizing and supporting events on German Literature
  • Facilitate participation at the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Acquire new exhibitors
  • Develop professional publishing programmes, forums and training courses
  • Research, compile and analyse information on the Indian Publishing Industry
  • Create networks between India and the international book markets, via Frankfurt Book Fair.

Market information

The German Book Market

Books and the book trade in figures - 2010

The importance of books Books have continued to occupy a good ninth place in the rankings of the most popular leisure activities which list 48 activities.

The economic development of the German book market In 2009, the industry’s sales turnover increased by 0.8 per cent to just under 9.7 billion euros, an improvement from the 0.4 per cent increase in 2008. The classic retail book trade ended 2009 by breaking even (+ 0.1 per cent), having had to take a loss of 1.5 per cent the year before. Department stores suffered yet another considerable drop in sales at a figure of just under 20 per cent. Book clubs also registered a drop of 20 per cent, after a decline of 1.8 per cent in 2008. The mail order trade was the big winner again in 2009, increasing its sales by 11.4 per cent. But this increase is entirely accounted for by online book sales, which are estimated to have risen by around 15 per cent.
After an only small increase of 0.6 per cent in 2008, sales for German book publishing companies rose by a clear 3.8 per cent in 2009.

Market structures As of May 2010, the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels – German Publishers & Booksellers Association – had 5,787 members, including 1,833 publishing companies and 3,814 bookselling businesses.
Germany has uniform pricing for all titles that are sold in all outlets as a part of a legislative policy. The law is called “retail price maintenance” that guarantees any given book must be sold at the publisher-set price across all book stores in the country. It aims to safeguard the broad spectrum of publications ranging from rural to urban distribution of books.
The intermediate book trade (wholesale), as it is called, has been designed meticulously in a way that every book in print can theoretically be delivered within one day to any bookshop in Germany.
In the past decade, Germany's publishing scenario has also undergone a change of ownership. Big German corporations have bought over some of the major publishing houses like Random House, etc.
German books are being translated into almost 47 other languages, and with business hubs like the Frankfurt Book Fair becoming the ultimate destination for all publishers around the world, the market is worth exploring.

The Indian Book Market

The story of the Indian scenario is particularly unique. With a whopping 550 million people in the 15-30 age-groups and with a significant and consumerist middle class, the eventual sales of books can and will surpass all expectations. That said there is hardly any reliable source to find data and information on the market. The several associations representing an estimated 19000 publishers (no single association however boasts of more than a 1000 members), suggests a vibrant yet scattered industry. The total number of publishers registered with the national ISBN agency until the end of 2007 was 12,375. However, given the fact that many publishers still don’t get ISBNs for their books, this number is also at best an estimate.
It is further speculated that a total of 90,000 titles are produced every year. This of course includes all sorts of books-trade, educational, STM etc. The growth is pegged at an optimistic 30 per cent. The publishers in India have more or less been aware of this growth and are adapting somewhat to the same. The complexity of the market notwithstanding, the publishers have been trying new and innovative ways to tap into this huge market.

The GBO and Frankfurt Book Fair have published some reports on the India market which can be downloaded from the links below.


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Frankfurt Book Fair

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We are well positioned to offer consultancy services ranging from market research to compiling relevant databases. Since our establishment, we have built up exhaustive databanks, databases and networks; We have been working closely with various agencies, the publishing, print and media industries in the region.

We have successfully conducted targeted research and facilitated new business projects.

Contact us to commission research on specific segments, find business partners or get news and information on the publishing industry in Germany and South Asia.


Translations play a huge role in a multilingual nation like India. Working closely with translators and other relevant people in the field, we promote the world of German Books in a three tiered process:

Translators Database With sample translations and other necessary details, this comprehensive database is made available to publishers and other interested people. The range of translators is not just varied in terms of language but also the experience in the kind of translation, be it literary, technical, academic etc.

Translation Funding With close contacts to cultural institutes like Goethe Institut, Pro-Helvetia, Austrian Cultural Forum, Geisteswissenschaften International among others, we raise awareness and facilitate funding to interested parties. Many publishers have made use of this in the past.

Translation Workshop We regularly organise meetings and discussions with our translators, working closely with them in developing quality translation. Skill enhancement workshops are organised regularly, including, seminars, hands-on workshops and discussion forums.
If you are a translator and would like to be a part our database, please send us your resume and sample translations to


Logo Jumpstart 2012 Gbo New Delhi

JUMPSTART – Children’s Book Conference JUMPSTART has grown from two Masterclasses for writers and illustrators in 2009 to a keenly anticipated annual gathering for any and everyone in the Indian children’s book trade.

Children’s books constitute one of the fastest growing segments of the Indian book market. They make up between 34-40% of the total publishing output, yet it is still an area of ‘book hunger’ with many more potential readers and buyers than books being published. This segment of the market is one of the fastest growing, and the most robust, but at the moment the market is relatively fluid and unorganized. Also, at present there are very few formal courses or training opportunities for professionals in this field.

JUMPSTART aims to fill that gap, bringing together experienced leaders from the world of children’s books, from India and abroad, with professionals here. We hope that this platform encourages and nurtures existing and new talent, and innovative ways of presenting children’s content in India.

Jumpstart – Conference on Children Book Publishing


GLOBALOCAL – The Forum for Content What started as a round table discussion in 2008, bringing people together to discuss, debate and exchange ideas has now developed into a much larger format. GLOBALOCAL has become an annual forum for local and international players within the publishing (and ancillary) industry to come together and discuss global trends within their respective industries and explore the local applicability of these trends to Indian players and the Indian market.

In its most recent edition, GLOBALOCAL 2012 focused on how content within a traditional book is increasingly being consumed through digital mediums such as games, television, the internet and e-readers and what this means for Indian players in the publishing related industries – new and old alike

For information on GLOBALOCAL 2013 please visit

Training courses


Publishers Training Programme The Frankfurt Book Fair with its in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry and the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) with its reputation for thought leadership and world class management education have come together to address the much needed dearth of high quality management courses for the publishing industry and affiliated industries in the South Asian region

  • Courses taught by some of the most respected faculty members at IIMA
  • Case studies specially prepared on publishing sector to address issues faced by managers/leaders within the publishing industry
  • Domestic and international industry experts as speakers to supplement classroom learning with real life industry experience
  • Opportunity to network with fellow managers and leaders from the publishing industries and affiliate industries

For more information, please click on:
Publishing courses in India

Editor's Trips

Editors/publishers trip In an effort to link up Indian and German book industries, the German Book Office New Delhi has successfully organized professional tours connecting Indian publishers to their German counterparts.

The fully organized trip includes meetings across Germany with important publishing houses, publishers, rights managers, editors and authors thereby providing invaluable insights into German market while also allowing for the exchange of ideas, new concepts and rights negotiations. Every year the trip focuses on books from one particular theme.

Gbo New Delhi 2013 38621

2013 Theme - Education

Editors Trip Gbo New Delhi 2012

2012 Theme - Crime Fiction

Gbo New Delhi Editors Trip 2011

2011 Theme - Mind, Body, Spirit and Self Help Books

GLOBALOCAL is back in New Delhi

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GLOBALOCAL is an exclusive annual forum designed for the publishing and allied industry. As a format, it has evolved into a B2B platform integrating networking opportunities, facilitated business meetings among other interesting avenues of business outreach. Targeted at bringing together national and international players from the publishing and ancillary industry, this event is the once-in-a-year chance to convene and explore new business possibilities while exchanging and updating knowledge of market trends.
In its existing form, GLOBALOCAL presents a concentrated mix of roundtables, rights & licenses training, business matchmakings, keynote presentations with ample networking breaks. To add to the options available to participants, there are hands-on topical workshops led by noted practitioners and an Experts’ Table with a panel of industry stalwarts to provide specific guidance. In all, this is a multi-format event where attendants can meet peers & professionals, scope out new business partners, present your products/ideas, and interact with national and international industry experts.
The international participants at GLOBALOCAL also include the attendees of EXCLUSIVE INDIA TRIP, a unique adjunct programme that takes a select group of international publishing professionals on a curated tour of interesting publishing houses, bookstores, digital solution providers across Delhi and Chennai to give them an insight into the Indian publishing & allied industry scenario. Exclusive India is an ideal starting point for internationals to plan market entry and identify potential business partners.

Find out more in the press release on GLOBALOCAL

Visit GLOBALOCAL online