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Welcome! The Book Information Centre (BIZ) Beijing has been operating since 1998 as the overseas representative office of the Frankfurt Book Fair in Beijing, in cooperation with the Goethe Institut China. It is the central contact and information point for the German and Chinese book industries and it provides many services for professionals in that field. We are the competent partner for inquiries on all aspects of the German and Chinese book sector. The Book Information Centre works with a mixed mandate that balances straightforward business interests against a cultural-political mission, the aim of which is to increase the mutual transparency of the two country's book industries, and thereby to intensify German-Chinese cooperation.
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The BIZ Beijing is funded by the German Federal Office

Our services

  • Promotion of German books on the Chinese market
  • Consulting
  • Networking
  • Support for participation ins Asian book Fairs for German exhibitors
  • Support for participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair for Asian exhibitors
  • Promotion of translation
  • Seminars and workshops for Chinese publishers
  • Book exhibitions

Information on the book markets

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We are the competent partner for inquiries on all aspects of the German and Chinese book sector Are you looking for information about the publishing scene or the book market in China? Do you need expert advice on a particular problem with your Chinese business partners? Would you like to get an independent opinion to assist you with your decision making process?
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German Book Office Beijing
Yingxin Gong
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Frankfurt Book Fair

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