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Children’s and young adult books have been a growing segment of the international licensing market for a number of years now. Our rights list "Children’s Books on Tour" offers you a selection of Germany’s most interesting children’s and YA titles. The "Children’s Books on Tour" collection is presented at the German Collectives Stands at more than 16 international book fairs.

© Illustration: Torben Kuhlmann
Armstrong. Die abenteuerliche Reise einer Maus zum Mond
NordSüd Verlag, 2016

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Programme 2016
The Children's Books on Tour 2016 starts in April at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. Final stop will be the Havanna International Book Fair in February 2017. Come by and get in touch with us.

Participating Publishers:
On this year’s annual list are the following publishers:


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Frankfurt Book Fair
Daniel Dargel
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