Obrigado Brasil! - Thank you Brazil

Ehrengast Brasilien 2013 38785

"Brazil - A land full of voices" - with this motto our Guest of Honour presented itself at the Frankfurt Book Fair from 9 - 13 October 2013. In the Brazilian Pavilion a tribute to paper and literature awaited the visitors. Ornate walls made ​​of cardboard, film installations and a wide event programme with readings, discussions and music attracted thousands of visitors each day.

Witness the pavilion atmosphere first hand. You can find all clips to the Guest of Honour Brazil on YouTube

The reading public was presented with more than 335 new releases (in German) from Brazil, including 117 fiction titles.

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In the international book exhibition Books on Brazil, the Frankfurt Book Fair presented translations of Brazilian literature as well as books about the country's culture, history and contemporary life. The exhibition presented 1060 books from 309 publishers and 24 countries.

More than 90 Brazilian authors came to Germany throughout the Guest of Honour year and gave a lively presentation of the literary diversity of Brazil.

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A Brazilian program was presented throughout the Book Fair, including the Comic Center, Gourmet Gallery, LitCamLive and the Forum Education. More than 150 Brazilian publishers participated at the 711 sqm large collective stand in hall 5.1. With 650 events around the Book Fair Brazil set a new record.

Thank you Brazil for a wonderful Book Fair 2013. Obrigado!

Books on Brazil

In the international book exhibition "Books on Brazil", the Frankfurt Book Fair presented translations of Brazilian literature as well as books about the country's culture, history and contemporary life. The exhibition was on display in the Guest of Honour Pavilion at the Book Fair and presented 1060 books from 309 publishers and 24 countries.
Books on Brazil

Translations and New Releases (in German)

The reading public was presented with more than 335 new releases from Brazil, including 117 fiction titles. 130 German publishers included Brazilian titles in their programmes.
New Releases (in German)

Translation support programme: Brazil is very keen to promote wider interest in its writers, worldwide. To this end, it is providing a total of USD 7,615,000 between 2011 and 2020 to help fund international translations of Brazilian works. The "Programme for Supporting the Translation and Publishing of Brazilian Authors Abroad" is administered by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil together with the Brazilian National Library.

Brazil's translation support programme

Press Kits

You can find all press releases on Brazil in our Media Archives.
Press kits

Bookmarket Brazil

Information on Brazil's economic situation
Marketplace Brazil

Guest of Honour New Zealand 2012 - A Review

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In the Guest of Honour’s pavilion, more than 90,000 visitors set out on a journey to the other end of the universe. Surrounded by water on an island beneath a magical night sky, they could experience New Zealand’s storytelling in all its diversity, with authors’ readings, films, music and performances. Under the motto “While you were sleeping” some 80 authors and 69 artists and performers from New Zealand visited Germany during the Guest of Honour year and presented their country’s multifaceted literature and culture with readings, exhibitions, dance, theatre, music, film and culinary events. New Zealand’s Guest of Honour programme comprised 420 events in all, 150 of which were held at the exhibition site; more than 140 took place in Frankfurt and 130 in other cities.

Books on New Zealand

The international book exhibition “Books on New Zealand” showed us New Zealand in all its many guises. The special exhibition gathered together current translations of New Zealand literature alongside books about the country’s culture, history, politics and contemporary life. Some 500 titles were on show, from 185 publishers in 21 countries.
Books on New Zealand

New Releases

Throughout the Guest of Honour year, German fans of New Zealand were treated to more than 200 new releases in German from 104 publishers. There is something for everyone.
New Releases (German)

Marketplace New Zealand

Facts and figures on the economic situation and book production in New Zealand (effective of 2012).
Marketplace New Zealand (German)

Guest of Honour Iceland 2011 – A Review

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"Iceland’s Guest of Honour Appearance was the best for a long time“ This was the headline in the Frankfurter Rundschau Frankfurter Rundschau, and during the Fair itself the Iceland Pavilion drew record visitor numbers. It featured huge screens where Icelanders would read from their favourite books, and visitors could enter a multimedia capsule to be carried off to the island’s mesmerizing natural world. About forty Icelandic authors were presenting their titles to packed audiences in the pavilion and around the Fair. The “Icelandic Sitting Room” became an island of calm amidst the hubbub, with some 916 Books to choose from at the Books-on-Iceland exhibition there. The Iceland Pavilion was where everybody came together – to read, to relax, to drink “brennivín” during the daily happy hour; it was THE meeting place at Frankfurt.

Books on Iceland

The International Book Exhibition "Books on Iceland" at the Guest-of-Honour Pavilion showed 916 titles from 260 publishers and 20 countries.
Catalogue Books on Iceland

New Releases

111 German-language publishers released 230 new titles in 2012 – a fabulous result for a fabulous Guest-of-Honour.
List New Releases

Marketplace Iceland

Iceland has one of the smallest book industries in the world – and one of the most productive worldwide. Because of its geographic location and its culture, Iceland is a link between the US and Europe.
Marketplace Iceland

Review Guest of Honour Argentina 2010

Aufbau Ehrengast Argentinien 2010 24275

Argentina celebrated its 200th anniversary of independence in 2010, and made its impressive Guest-of-Honour entrance at the Frankfurt Book Fair. During the Guest-of-Honour final press conference, FBF’s director Juergen Boos praised Argentina’s presence as the “most literary in years”; under the motto “Argentine, Culture on the Move” the country had staged more than 65 authors, 120 publishers and 150 events.

Books on Argentina

The International Book Exhibition "Books on Argentina" presented 1,049 books from 324 publishers and 18 countries. The title collections on culture, history and current affairs were presented at the Forum, level 1, during the Frankfurt Book Fair.
Catalogue Books on Argentina

New releases

During 2010, the year of Argentina’s Guest-of-Honour focus at FBF, 216 new titles were released in the German language alone, by 108 publishing houses.
List New Releases

Marketplace Argentina

Facts and figures on the economic situation and book production in Argentina (effective of 2008).
Market place Argentina