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Indonesia - 17,000 Islands of Imagination

Meet a world between myths, mysticism and modernity:

The literary kick-off of our guest of honour happened in Leipzig (12.-15.3.)

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The Frankfurt Book Fair's guest of honour Indonesia was present at our stand, together with Indonesian authors, a book exhibition and a multifaceted stage programme. The Book Fair Thursday was entirely devoted to Indonesia: We served an Indonesian soup, we invited to a press briefing, later the I-Lit programme to promote translations was presented and finally we rounded off the day with the Indonesia Happy Hour.
Programme on Indonesia at the Leipzig Book Fair

Press folder for the press conference at the Leipzig Book Fair, March 12, 2015
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Press Photos about the press conference for the Guest of Honour

Competition for Young Designers:
the winners of the competition 2015

Our Guest of Honour Team

Simone Bühler
Frankfurt Book Fair
Simone Bühler
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Frankfurt Book Fair
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Organising Committee Indonesia 2015

Indonesia – 17,000 Islands of Imagination
National Committee Indonesia Guest of Honour Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Ministry of Education and Culture
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Project coordination in Germany:
Edith Koesoemawiria

I-LIT Translation grant programme

The guest of honour country Indonesia has launched a translation grant programme that supports translations, in various genres, from the Indonesian to German and other languages, particularly during its year as guest of honour, 2015, but also beyond. Detailed information and application forms are available here as well as in the quick guide in the PDF.

Translation grant programme