For Agencies

Impression Halle 3 2008

The exhibition halls include special dedicated areas for agencies. They enable them to focus on their work in a quiet atmosphere.
The options include the reservation of tables for the entire duration of the fair. Or in some cases, the use of workspaces for a limited time. All the centres for agents have their own cafeteria.

Literary Agents & Scouts Centre (LitAg)

Literary Agents & Scouts Centre (LitAg)

Working Centre with access exclusively for Agents and Scouts. Information on registration and fees here.
Please notice that the admission to the LitAg is confined to registered agents and scouts as well as their businesspartners. Authors may enter solely with explicit invitation and a scheduled appointment.
More information on the LitAg

The International Library Centre (ILC)

International Library Centre 2008

Agents, librarians, publishers and information specialists get together here for undisturbed conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.
From digital archives to virtual content - as a sector steeped in innovation, libraries and information sciences have an important role to play at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The ILC has become a well established permantent fixture as a work centre for registered agents, librarians, publishers, information specialists and service providers from the book industry.

It is a place where you can talk to your customers in an atmosphere of calm and confidientiality.

The ILC is ideally located in Hall 4.2, near to the international specialist and academy publishers, as well as the Hot Spot Scientific & Professional Information.

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