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Charlotte Link Im Lesezelt 2015 54425

We offer big centres of attraction for the press, public and trade visitors. If you are an exhibitor, use the opportunity and present your authors, books and products on our stages. Your audience: 9.900 representatives of the press, more than 276.000 trade visitors and interested end-users from all over the world.

There are 17 stages at the Book Fair, 14 of which you can book.

Take advantage of this affordable yet attention-grabbing option to present yourself.

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Lesezelt (Reading tent, Agora)

Charlotte Link Im Lesezelt 2015 54426

This is where readings, book presentations and literary award ceremonies are held. In addition to the programme content, the cosy reading-tent atmosphere and free Yogi Tea offered in the entrance area invite readers to linger here. The “Lesezelt” (reading tent) offers room for 300 people. Seating options include alcoves along the edges and chairs placed on the stage. An alcove is made available to organisers during their event.
Particularly attractive feature: You can also book the “Signierzelt” (book-signing tent) at the centre of the Agora for your author following your event.

Stage 16 sqm
max. 5 speakers
approx. 340 seats + 100 standing room places

Booking and advice: Judy Schwalm, schwalm@book-fair.com

Further information on exhibition opportunities on the Agora

Open Stage (Agora)

Open Stage 2015 53954

Spanning 260 sqm, this light canopy in the middle of the Agora is one of the fair’s largest event areas, making it THE stage for activities and larger events of all kinds. The Open Stage offers a raised stage, audio system and plenty of space – an open-air space, it’s nevertheless weatherproof thanks to transparent side panels, heating units, parasol heaters and blankets. The giant screen behind the stage is a real eye-catcher, already attracting attention from afar. It makes it easy to transform the Open Stage into an open-air cinema…

Don’t forget: Also book a slot in the “Signierzelt” (book-signing tent) for your author following your event.

Stage: 16 sqm
approx. 100 seating cubes, room for a large crowd for large events

Booking and advice:
Slots: Judy Schwalm, schwalm@book-fair.com
Greater events during day or evening: Caroline Vogel, vogel@book-fair.com

Further information on exhibition opportunities on the Agora

Kids Stage (Hall 3.0)

Kinderbuch Zentrum 2014 47561

Everything here is dedicated to children's and juvenile media. Clear the stage for discussion groups, book presentations and author readings for the younger generation!
Hall 3.0 is the centre of the kids’ universe: Here you will find all notable German-language children’s book publishers, as well as large and small exhibitors from Russia, Spain, Italy, Asia and many other countries and continents. From Wednesday to Friday, numerous prestigious award ceremonies, professional events dedicated to various topics and, of course, readings are held on the Kids Stage. At the weekend, visitors and their children flock to see well-known authors of children’s and young adult media. This stage is perfect for dancing, singing and other performances!

Stage: 15 sqm
max. 5 speakers
approx. 60 seats + 100 standing room places

Booking and advice: Judy Schwalm, schwalm@book-fair.com

Further information on children's and young adults' media

International Stage (Hall 5.1)

Fbm2015 Technik Forum Internationaler Dialog Kk-3.jpg

The International Stage in Hall 5 is dedicated to exchanges about current developments in the international book industry as well as literary and cultural policy issues. Here, experts from around the world can have their say. On trade visitor days, introduce your products to potential business partners from abroad and encourage your international partners to present themselves here. At the weekend, authors from every region of the world can introduce their work to the many weekend visitors. Important: Make sure to actively promote your event and extend targeted invitations to interested parties since the general public may not yet be very familiar with your topics or authors.

Stage: 12 sqm
max. 4 speakers
approx. 35 seats + 50 standing room places

Booking and advice: Judy Schwalm, schwalm@book-fair.com

Further information on International Diversity on the Frankfurt Book Fair

Publishing Perspectives Stage (Hall 6.0)

Publishing Perspective Stage 2014 49590

With lectures and talks held in English, publishing experts from the English-speaking countries provide background information on the latest trends and news from their industry.

Booking and advice: Michelle Claussen, claussen@book-fair.com

Self-Publishing Area (Hall 3.0)

Self Publishing 2015 53885

The Self-Publishing Area is where workshops, discussions, panels and presentations on the topic of self-publishing in the German market are held. Here, providers can give authors valuable tips regarding, for example, marketing their titles, book sales and self-publishing and rights issues. A large portion of the programme is put together by us and our partners – but there is still also room for your thematic presentation.

Stage: 15 sqm
max. 5 speakers
approx. 50 seats + 100 standing room places

Booking and advice: Katja Schmidt, k.schmidt@book-fair.com

Further information on the Self-Publishing Area

Gourmet Gallery: Show Kitchen and Gourmet Salon (Hall 3.1)

Fernsehkoch Chakall 2015 53977

In one of the busiest halls of the Frankfurt Book Fair, companies present their newest cookbooks and baking books, wine guides, culinary travel guides, food-related fiction, enhanced e-books, apps, calendars as well as gift and decoration ideas. The media-effective Show Kitchen is the heart of the Gourmet Gallery and is very popular with trade and general visitors. Take advantage of this attractive stage to present your cooking show. The Gourmet Salon is available for your readings, wine tastings, press conference or talk.

Show Kitchen
Stage: 6 x 3.5 m, fully equipped kitchen
max. 4 people in the kitchen
approx. 50 seats + 300 standing room places

Gourmet Salon
Stage: 5 x 1.5 m
max. 3 speakers
approx. 30 seats + 50 standing room places

Booking and advice: Barbara Roelle, roelle@book-fair.com

LitCam Stage (Hall 3.1)

Litcam Kulturstadion 2015 56483

Education, exercise, books – and football: In the Culture Stadium, you can present your football-related titles or host educational discussions regarding your products. LitCam is a non-profit organisation that advocates for educational equality. It implements its own projects, which support disadvantaged children and youth, equipping them with skills for life.

Stage: approx. 4 x 3 m
max. 5 speakers
approx. 50 seats (poufs) + 100 standing room places

Booking and advice: Antonia Stock, stock@book-fair.com

Further information on the LitCam-Project

Hot Spot Stages (Hall 4.0, 4.2 & 6.2)

Hot Spot Education 2015 55172

The stages in the Hot Spots offer service and technology providers an ideal opportunity to present themselves as innovative businesses to a wide audience, easily and without extensive preparation. You can book the following thematic Hot Spots:

  • Digital Innovation (Hall 6.2)
  • Education (Hall 4.2)
  • Professional & Scientific Information (Hall 4.2)
  • Publishing Services (Hall 4.0)

Depending on the Hot Spot:
Stage: 12 - 15 sqm
max. 3 - 5 speakers
approx. 35 - 70 seats + 50- 60 standing room places

Booking and advice: Michael Kirchner, kirchner@book-fair.com

Further information on the Hot Spot Stages

Runway – THE ARTS+ Stage (Hall 4.1)

Halle 4 1 2014 49933

The "Runway - THE ARTS+ Stage" is open to everyone involved in the creative industries, for workshops, talks, panel discussions and presentations of best practices. In close proximity to international publishers and brand names, museums and cultural institutions, picture agencies and creative professionals, this is the ideal setting for your event.

Booking and advice: Beatrice Stauffer, stauffer@book-fair.com

Forum Science & Education (Hall 4.2)

Fmb2015 Buchmesse Talk 4.jpg 57415.jpg

This innovative environment is ideal for current topics in science, education and technology as well as socio-political talks in the fields of politics, finance, economics and law. The Forum Science & Education shares a stage with exhibitors in the Hot Spot Education.

Stage: 15 sqm
max. 5 speakers
approx. 70 seats + 50 standing room places

Booking and advice: Martina Wolff de Carrasco, wolffdecarrasco@book-fair.com

Further information on academic publishing, specialist information, education

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Frankfurt Book Fair
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Services & prices

Slots can be booked starting mid-March 2017.

Price* per slot 30 minutes
incl. assembly and dismantling
60 minutes
incl. assembly and dismantling
Hall stages 3, 4, 5, 6:
on all fair days (Wed - Sun) 640 € 850 €
Lesezelt, Open Stage (Agora):
on trade visitor days (Wed - Fri) 640 € 850 €
on general visitor days (Sat + Sun) 850 € 1,190 €
Book-signing tent following your event at the Lesezelt/Open Stage:
on all fair days (Wed - Sun) 50 € / 30 min
Evening event:
on all fair days (Wed - Sat) prices on demand

*The quoted prices are binding and subject to Value Added Tax at the applicable official rate.

All slot prices include:

  • Provision of a professional event area
  • Between 40 and 340 seats and twice as many standing places (depending on the stage)
  • Technical equipment for stage
  • 30-minute or 60-minute slot for event (incl. set-up and dismantling)
  • Technical support
  • Personal support from our stage staff
  • Presentation of your products during the event
  • Opportunity to sell books (at the fixed shop price) during the event
  • Book-signing tent for your author following events in the Lesezelt or at the Open Stage
  • Announcement of the event at the stage and in the programme
  • Inclusion in the Calendar of Events
The stages can only be booked by registered exhibitors of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017.