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At the Hot Spot Publishing Services, print and digital service providers meet and collaborate on innovative solutions and customised solutions in all phases of content production and distribution – from “A” for “asset management” to “Z” for “zero warehousing”.

The Hot Spot Publishing Services showcases innovative publishing solutions, customised services and new products for all steps related to publishing production.

Location: Halle 4.0 A24

Interview with J. F. Rodriguez (All Zone Digital)

Exhibitors 2013

abavo GmbH

abavo bietet neben branchentypischen Satz-Produktionsleistungen vor allem unkonventionelle Workflow-Ansätze für Print- und E-Publishing (EPUB). Besondere Lösungskompetenz im Bereich "Word-Dokumentenvorlagen", Copy Editing und Print/EPUB-AutoPage.

Above the Treeline

Our interactive electronic catalog product, Edelwess, has been adopted as an industry standard in the US. More than a catalog system, Edelweiss is a richly-featured, user-friendly tool for busness-to-business-interactions around books.


Give an expressive voice to the story! Acapela text to speech voices read and interpret written content with intelligence & emotion, in different moods, surprising by their natural tones. Hear how Acapela solutions give the say to your audio books.

Allzone Management Solutions, Inc

Allzone Digital provides a complete range of e-books - related services such as typesetting, fixed layouts, e-books, e-learning, XML conversions, HTML5 and apps development. Social pricing discounts are available exclusively for FBF 2013 show.

AMG Holdings
International Sdn Bhd

Formed in 1997, we are one of the top publication firms in Malaysia producing high-quality English magazines in print and digital format for some of the biggest companies in the country & Asia Pacific. We also provide Advertising & Training services.


Use Bookry to bring app-quality interactivity to your ebooks. Automatic conversion of InDesign files to iBooks Author. Great range of interactive HTML5 widgets, tools, games and quizzes for your ebooks, all with cloud support and easy to customise.

Green Apple

Green Apple, established in 1991, is a leading regional provider of BPO in China. We provide outsourced data conversion, digital publishing, Epub conversion and content management services to global enterprises and local government.

Lexworkz Data
Services (P) Ltd.

Indexing, Abstracting Services and Copy Editing for publishing industry. Our expertise -- back-of-the-book index, embedded index, index from keywords, old edition index updation, language, technical editing and XML projects for all kinds of books & journals.

mChoice AG

lChoice ist die erste offene multipartnerfähige mobile Commerce Plattform. Der Kunde entscheidet, wo, wann und bei wem er kaufen will. Die Pilotphase ist beendet. lChoice ist live. Ein reines umsatzbasiertes Provisionsmodell. Keine sonstigen Kosten.


Unique range of products and services, based on concept extraction and semantic DBs, as the Adaptive Semantic Publishing Platform made Ontotext the preferred partner for BBC, Euromoney, Press Association, Dutch Newspapers Association and many others.

schaffrath Medien

schaffrath medien ist ein Multi-Media-Dienstleister. Das vielfältige Leistungsspektrum umfasst eine kompetente Medienberatung, die Entwicklung digitaler Medien, die Printmedienproduktion sowie zahlreiche ergänzende Verlagsservices.

Simplicissimus Book Farm

STEALTH is the European leading digital distribution platform, aggregating and distributing 600+ ebook publishers and 150+ e magazines.

Werner Achilles
GmbH + Co. KG

Entwicklung und Produktion von hochwertigen Verpackungen und individuellen Ordnern, Schuben, Register und Schachteln. Online-Bestellsystem Easy Ordner. Hochwertige Veredelung. Spezielle Effekte


Michael Kirchner
Frankfurt Book Fair
Michael Kirchner
t: +49 (0) 69 2102-131
f: +49 (0) 69 2102-46131

Who’s exhibiting here?

  • Providers of products and services in the field of content management
  • Digital distributors and aggregators
  • Providers of products and services in the field of asset management
  • Providers of software solutions for publishing, incl. e-commerce, DRM, etc.
  • Service providers in the fields of data conversion, database structuring and maintenance, rich media integration, editing, e-marketing, etc.