Only the Best: More Services and Special Offers

To help make your time at the Frankfurt Book Fair an all-round success, we have additional offers and services you can book on top of the exhibition packages.

Presentation slots on the Hot Spot Stages

Spot on your business: Your Presentation, Your Stage
Presentation slots may be booked on all five days of the Book Fair.

Each Hot Spot Stage includes microphones, lectern, table and chairs, laptop with internet access, LCD (80'') for your use, as well as assistance by a technician and staff.

  • 30-min. presentation slot (incl. assembly/dismantling) € 640.- (plus VAT)
  • 60-min. presentation slot (incl. assembly/dismantling) € 850.- (plus VAT)

Registration Hot Spot Stages

Booking the Hot Spot Lounge

Hot Spots Lounges - Your Event
The Hot Spot Lounge may be booked to host a reception or for other types of business events, like business breakfasts, networking sessions or to provide an exclusive setting for a product or company presentation.

Price upon request!
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+49 (0) 69 2102-0

The stages can only be booked by registered exhibitors of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018.