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The Hot Spot Mobile showcases the whole bandwidth of mobile solutions, from tablets and e-readers to apps, network providers and content licensors. Sell your content anyplace, anywhere, anytime.

Aside from mobile apps, e-book formats are also a part of the mobile revolution – now, with the right reader installed, almost anything can be displayed. The Hot Spot Mobile is therefore an ideal presentation platform for international providers and distributors of mobile publishing content and reading devices as well as related services.

Interview with Mike Akamine (Nook)

Exhibitors 2014


BIGSTAR Global is a developer and distributor of app books, animated films and tablets for kids. We have over 5,000 titles of app books based on high-quality picture books from major publishers.

International Information Content Industry Association (ICIA)

International Information Content Industry Association (ICIA), registered in Hong Kong, a non-profit organization promoting International Standard Link Identifier (ISLI, to be published by ISO). Help with copyrights deals for members. Recruiting now.

Jiangsu - Red Chamber Dream World

Red Chamber Dream World creates e-books and merchandising products for the Four Great Classical Novels of China - Dream of the Red Chamber, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, The Water Margin, Journey to the West.

Waterbear Soft Inc.

PingPong - Easy, Quick, and Fun SPOT Networking. PingPong is a new communication tool that allows interaction between people in any form of gatherings such as in lectures and conferences.


Who’s exhibiting here?

  • Providers of mobile content
  • App developers
  • Device manufacturers and developers, e.g. mobile operators, consumer electronics suppliers, e-reader manufacturers, etc.
  • Software and solution providers for the preparation of mobile content, adaptation of websites and consumer services such as mobile payment platforms, m-commerce, etc.
  • Operators of mobile content portals or app stores, e.g. mobile operators, online portals, etc.
  • Suppliers of products and services in the field of mobile marketing, e.g. voice reading solutions, accessories for e-readers, smartphones and netbooks
  • International associations in the field of mobile publishing