The Frankfurt Book Fair for translators

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Translations are an essential part of the international trade in content rights. Without translators there would be no world literature nor, in fact, would there be any international book fairs. We offer you the right platforms for networking all year round.

The Frankfurt Book Fair offers translators an ideal opportunity for exchange and networking with business partners and colleagues. In the centre Weltempfang ("hosting the world") there are always numerous events involving translators. It’s also worth taking a peek inside the Frankfurt Who's Who.

The "Weltempfang"

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Centre for Politics, Literature and Translation Weltempfang - the name ("hosting the world") says it all
In the Weltempfang in Hall 5.0 E 81, you can expect to find a range of panel discussions, talks and readings with international authors, intellectuals and translators. This is traditionally the place where the ceremony is held for the Übersetzerbarke (“Translators Barque”), as awarded by the German Literary Translators’ Association (VdÜ). This year it will also be the venue for diverse events looking at childhood and youth, such as a discussion of new translations of some classics of young adult literature. Other topics will be addressed as well, for instance the production of subtitles for films.
Programme 2013

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With its stage for well-attended events, a salon for professional discussions and literary encounters, and a generous café area, a visit to the Weltempfang is both an intellectual experience and an opportunity to linger. The space will be further enlivened by an extraordinary photo exhibition in all the languages of Europe. Images of 47 poets from 47 European countries, each masked and shown in a place of personal significance to them, provide answers – some political, some literary – to the question “Why Poetry?” “Why Poetry?” is a project of the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, developed as part of the poesiefestival berlin 2013 with kind support from the Capital Culture Fund.



The Society for the Promotion of African, Asien and Latin American Literature (litprom) supports and promotes literature from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Arab World in Germany. litprom also organizes the Invitation Programme of the Frankfurt Book Fair which is located right beside the Weltempfang. The Invitation Programme offers the chance for publishers from developing book markets to participate in the world's biggest book fair.

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