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The Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important international trading place for content; it is a meeting place for the ICT and creative industries, a platform for cultural-political dialogue, and a tremendous cultural event. For five days every year the metropolis on the Main, Frankfurt, becomes the centre of the international media world. The Frankfurt Book Fair - with more than 7,200 exhibitors from over 100 countries, about 275,000 visitors, over 3,200 special events, and around 9,300 accredited journalists and bloggers in attendance - is the world's largest annual trade fair for publishing. It is also the most important cross-sectoral meeting place, bringing together players from the information and communication technology field with those from the creative industries of books, film and games. Since 1976, an important part of the Book Fair has been the Guest of Honour, whereby a different country is invited each year to give a diverse presentation of its book market, literature and culture to the exhibition audience. The Guest of Honour in 2013 was Brazil, in 2014 it will be Finland, and in 2015 Indonesia will present itself.

Organised jointly with the Association of German Publishers and Booksellers, a prestigious programme of conferences under the umbrella of the Frankfurt Academy ensures that Frankfurt is the leading source of inspiration for content professionals around the world. To date, around 3,000 content professionals from more than 50 countries have become part of the Frankfurt Academy's Mind Network, and the number is growing all the time. The conference brand encompasses national and international events on the key issues affecting the industry. They include Contec Frankfurt, the European off-shoot of the US trend conference, as well as the International Rights Directors Meeting (RDM), the most important conference for the rights trade, worldwide, with approximately 400 participants.

The Frankfurt Hot Spots are specially designed spaces for the promotion of digital products; at the heart of each of the six exhibition halls, they provide the ideal situation for technology and content companies to present themselves. Complementing these, there is also the annual all-media conference, Frankfurt StoryDrive, where the international media and entertainment world comes together to discuss new ways of telling and selling stories.

Around 9,300 international journalists and bloggers file reports from the Frankfurt Book Fair. On top of that, the trade visitors and exhibitors also act as multipliers. As such, the Book Fair achieves huge public visibility, both internationally and in the German speaking countries. The Frankfurt Book Fair runs the most widely used online portal in the world for the publishing industry.

The organisation behind the Frankfurt Book Fair is the Ausstellungs- und Messe GmbH (AuM), which has its headquarters in Frankfurt. This is a subsidiary of the Association of German Publishers and Booksellers. As the foreign trade arm of the German book trade, the AuM has a cultural-political mandate to represent the German book industry throughout the world, and to promote international cultural exchanges and the free dissemination of the written word. To this end, the AuM represents the German book industry with collective stands at more than 20 international book fairs around the world; it organises Germany's guest of honour appearances, and is involved in support programmes, such as fellowships and invitational programmes to enhance professionalism in the book industry.

The Ausstellungs- und Messe GmbH has been organising the Frankfurt Book Fair since 1949. However, the book fair tradition stretches back a lot further. In the Middle Ages, soon after Johannes Gutenberg invented printing not far from Frankfurt, a "Büchermess" was already held here on the banks of the River Main. Today, the company is busy, not only while the Book Fair is running, but all year round, offering activities for the international book and media industry.

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Ausstellungs- und Messe GmbH des Börsenvereins des Deutschen Buchhandels (Frankfurter Buchmesse) Braubachstraße 16
60311 Frankfurt am Main
T +49 (0) 69–2102-0
F +49 (0) 69-2102-277

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