Frankfurt Antiquarian Fair

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Antiquarian treasures in Hall 6.0 are up for sale throughout the Fair.
Those looking for uncommon prints and valuable books will find what they want at the Frankfurt Antiquarian Fair. Aficionados and other visitors can browse here at their leisure, admiring and purchasing rare books, illustrations and autographs. Sales on all five days of the Book Fair.

Forty antiquarian booksellers will participate in this year’s fair. Starting on the Wednesday of the fair, you’ll have a chance to virtually explore them, their stands and titles and to get in touch with the vendors directly: As in previous years, there will be an exhibition catalogue available in advance.

For newcomers – the Antiquarian Fair opens its doors on Wednesday, 8 October, at 11 a.m. Exhibits will be available for purchase starting at 12 p.m. If more than one interested party is on hand at this time, a drawing will be held…

Exhibition and sales:

Berlin’s Rotes Antiquariat offers what is likely the largest Heartfield collection to have ever been put on the market
At the Frankfurt Antiquarian Fair 2014, we'll present a selection of the private collection documented in the catalogue "John Heartfield. Book design and political photomontages, 1920 to 1964". In addition to Heartfield's important book designs for Malik Verlag, starting with the Dada era, it includes numerous photomontages that he created in exile and for political publications in the Weimar Republic, from a poster for the KPD to the title pages for the "Rote Fahne" and his famous photomontages for the "Arbeiter-Illustrierte-Zeitung" (AIZ). His graphic work from the early years of the GDR is also represented. The full range of Heartfield's artistic work is documented by some of the most unusual objects.

The collection will be exclusively offered for sale until Saturday evening, 11 Oct. 2014. The sale of individual items will follow if necessary. Orders can be placed in advance once the catalogue has been dispatched.

The catalogue (4°, paperback, approx. 250 pages) will be published at the end of September and available for 25.- euros plus shipping. Please send your orders to: Rotes Antiquariat und Galerie C. Bartsch, Knesebeckstr. 13 – 14, D 10623 Berlin; Tel.: 0049 (0)30 375 912 51, e-mail:

From the exhibition catalogue:

Extensive collection of Frankfurt writer Alfons Paquet
At this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, Antiquariat Thomas Hatry of Heidelberg will present a sales catalogue focused on the life and work of author Alfons Paquet (1881-1944). The sales catalogue contains nearly all the printed works of Alfons Paquet (often with handwritten corrections, dedications, letters or partial manuscripts), including the 1903 play “Der Börsenspekulant”, which is not available in any library; the debut “Schutzmann Mentrup”, of which there are only three traceable copies; the only available copy of “Mädchen - ich bin in Köln gewesen” and bibliophilic prints in various editions. Next in line are an impressive number of dedicated copies from friends, colleagues and companions (incl. Heinrich Mann, Alfred Mombert, Alexander v. Bernus, Wilhelm Schäfer, René Schickele). The collection also features approx. 300 letters addressed to Alfons Paquet from approx. 100 well-known figures. The most significant letters in the catalogue from an antiquarian perspective are likely those from Sigmund Freud (thank you letter for having been awarded the Goethe Prize in 1930), from Käthe Kollwitz on the issue of §218 and an extensive (more than 30 letters) bundle of writings from Martin Buber. The display at the fair will also feature some of Alfons Paquet’s personal possessions and memorabilia, incl. a suitcase and death mask.

The richly illustrated catalogue is expected to include approx. 200 pages with at least 450 items and can be acquired starting in October for a token fee (10.- euros at the fair, 12.- euros incl. shipping) from Antiquariat T. Hatry, located at Hauptstr. 119, 69117 Heidelberg (e-mail:, or directly at the stand at the Frankfurt Antiquarian Fair from 8-12 Oct. 2014.
The catalogue titles will be available for sale to coincide with the opening of the Frankfurt Antiquarian Fair on 8 Oct. at 11 a.m. Academic libraries from Germany have a right of first refusal for Alfons Paquet’s hand-written and typewritten items (not valid for the correspondence sent to Paquet). The sales terms of the exhibition organiser apply for titles from the Paquet catalogue that are also on offer in the exhibition catalogue of the Frankfurt Antiquarian Fair.

The Frankfurt Aquarian Fair for exhibitors

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Present your valuable merchandise at the Frankfurt Antiquarian Fair, the centre of attraction for admirers of rare books, illustrations and autographs.
Your advantage: Sale is possible on all five days of the Book Fair.

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Frankfurt Antiquarian Fair opening hours:

Wednesday, 8 Oct. 2014, 11.00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.
Thursday to Saturday, 9 Oct. – 11 Oct. 2014, 9.00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.
Sunday, 12 Oct. 2014, 9.00 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.

The Fair is organised in cooperation with the working group on antiquarian books at the Association of German Publishers and Booksellers. It opens on Wednesday at 11.00 am.

Impressions of the Antiquarian Book Fair