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Hot Spot Digital Innovation 2013 38876

Neue Produkte – neues Geschäft

Umgeben von Verlagen aus der englischsprachigen Welt zeigen innovative Technologieanbieter und Dienstleister neue Lösungen für das digitale Publizieren der Zukunft.

Ort: Halle 6.2

Wer stellt hier aus?

  • Anbieter innovativer Software-Lösungen für die Buchbranche
  • Dienstleister für Datenkonvertierung, Datenbankstrukturierung und –pflege, Rich Media Integration, Editing, E-Marketing etc.
  • Entwickler und Betreiber von neuen, innovativen Vertriebs-, Eigenverlags- und Social-Media-Plattformenplattformen
  • Anbieter und Entwickler von Dokumentenmanagementsystemen und CMS (Contentmanagementsystemen) und Redaktionssystemen
  • Dienstleister und Berater für neuartige Marketing-Strategien
  • Startups und internationale Verbände im Bereich "Digitales Publizieren"
  • Dienstleister im Bereich Self-Publishing
Hanife Içten
Frankfurter Buchmesse
Hanife Içten
t: +49 (0) 69 2102201
f: +49 (0) 69 2102 46201

Digital Innovation 2016

7switch 7switch is a new kind of online bookstore that focuses on handselling to end users through online communities. Our bookstore provides bloggers, Twitter and Facebook users, tools for easily selling digital titles to their followers and constituents.
Arta Tech ArtaTech creates dedicated IT solutions for electronic content distribution. We offer white label content server systems integrated with state of art e-book reading devices inkBOOK (working on android with E Ink display) and a variety of mobile apps.
BUK is an innovative cloud based ebook service platform that transforms EPUB files into cross-linkable HTML5 content. With its advanced web app, ebook content becomes accessible from any device and shareable from SNS services.
Bibliomundi Servicos Digitais Bibliomundi is a data oriented e-book distributor and publishing platform. With intuitive tools, we equip content creators with clear analytical tools to understand why a title suceeded. Whitelable solutions are also available.
BIT (Avita Publishers) Educational Publisher providing progressive e-solutions for all school stages. E-lesson - comprehensive classroom tool for teacher. Digital textbook - online study environment for pupil, teacher and parent. Software for professional content creator.
Blake Moore and Bond Blake Moore and Bond is a Digital Publishing and Transmedia Entertainment house. We set out to publish the best in independent and undiscovered Sci-fi ebooks, lite novels, eManga and eComics.
BOOKR Kids BOOKR Kids - leading digital publishing company of interactive books in Central and Eastern Europe - launches BOOKR Kids Publishing Platform at FBF, making the interactive book publishing processes easier and more affordable than ever.
BooXtream Consumer friendly eBook protection using watermarking and personalisation. For web shops and publishers selling eBooks Direct to Consumer (D2C). Incl. versatile eBook download distribution platform. Compatible with all ePub readers and Mobi (Kindle).
EXTO Technologies Parallel Texts Reader App brings parallel reading at your fingertips on your mobile device at any time. The app helps reading books in the language of origin, as well as the language you study: some books include the audio for pronunciation check.
Giantchair / Onixsuite Giantchair's Onixsuite multilingual solution allows publishers and distributors to create, improve and share their book metadata as Onix feeds. Giantchair also creates websites for the book trade.
Globepoint Globepoint develops best quality of g-Learning and VR e-Learning contents, solutions, and platforms for edutainment including VRWARE Standard/Professional/Premium.
Hancom Communication With "wepubl" platform, now you can create your own e-book contents and publish them through your own library. "wepubl" is not an ordinary online e-book store, it allows you to distribute your e-book contents - just like the distribution way of Youtube.
iClassics Immersive books, redefine the reading experience. We created a library of interactive classics with a new standpoint in format and aesthetics. You will fall in love with these authors that were ahead of their times and inspired next generations.
iPortfolio We enhances the value of books, video, and various media with Spindle Books technology. We're a strategic partner of Oxford University Press, providing core technology to "Oxford Learner's Bookshelf", and also the creator of "EBS Reading Club".
JOARA Joara (, CEO Suhee Lee), Korea’s first storytelling platform with the largest volume of titles where people publish their story and directly communicate with readers without publisher. App is supposed to launch in September.
Mediamano Happening is a unique product in the Big Data space. It allows you to analyse databases, or any source of text, using semantic tools that help you find semantic meaning in content and taking advantage of the ability of GPUs to perform massive parallel operations.
Mind Shaper Technologies Gen-Z learners have short attention spans and have exposure to various rich visual interactive media. Through the use of Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR), we bring digital learning into textbooks, rather than take the learner away from textbook.
mo'media The new way of publishing: meet „time to momo“, our new crossmedia travel brand (printed guides, apps, online content & booking platform). And discover how to turn your city trip into a feel good experience!
PublishOne PublishOne is the editorial system for publishers and knowledge institutions to create, manage and distribute documents. With PublishOne publishers will lower the costs to manage information and improve the quality of the supply for the whole chain.
Ridero IT Publishing Ridero is a multipurpose environment for books and text creation and distribution. We provide our users with unique technology of book creation and easy access to publishing specialists, printing houses and distribution channels.
Saak Digital (Weeras Author) (organized by ICEX) Saak Digital is a smart-software development company, which provides a comprehensive authoring platform that allows anyone to create interactive content faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Get to know more about Weeras Author at our booth.
FlipSnack With FlipSnack you can turn your content into a marketing powerhouse, by using mixed media: video, audio, images and text. Use Flipsnack for catalogues presenting best sellers, new releases, book recommendations, newsletter or book previews.
Victoria Productions Victoria Productions is the recognized leader in the exploding AR/VR Edu-Tech market. Our core product is Book+App, an augmented reality platform designed specifically for the needs of the publishing industry.
Vuidea VUIDEA started the company in September 2013 as a start-up where a core developer of professional in AR, VR and educational technology theory had gathered up to help children to like studying, increase concentration, and improve linguistic ability.
Yellow Green We are a content developer that became the world’s first to develop contents related to fire trucks for children under the name „Ray’s Fire Station“. We have developed it even further to be made available worldwide on the digital platform.